Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Season Ender

I got a text from Kent this morning that the Starlings were out, so I told him to swing by and we could try and finish out the 100 Starling goal.  Luckily he had his video camera with him and once Jonathan arrived we went Gremlin hunting.

The morning started out with a quick catch, #95, around the corner from my house and then slowed down.  We had a number of misses, but there were plenty of Starlings out and we kept at it.  Before to long she really turned on and we quickly caught the next 5, totaling 100 Starlings in 39 days.  I combined Kent's footage from today with other footage and pictures we had taken over the past month and a half to make the video below.  Flying the Kestrel was definitely a nice change from my usual falconry routine and I had a blast.  Work and family commitments are pulling hard on me now so I'm going to stick to my plan.  I'll be feeding her up over the next few days and releasing her now that the insects are out there to make her life easy, and that will end the 2009-2010 falconry season for me.