Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Grouse Video

Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek in Snow (HD) from Dawson Dunning on Vimeo.

This is a great video showing Sharp-tailed Grouse booming.  I often show videos of Lesser Prairie Chickens booming in our programs and ask the students, "where do you think this bird is found?"  Nine times out of ten they respond "Africa" and then are shocked to find out that these birds can be found in Oklahoma.  "Not all animals with interesting displays and behaviors are found on other continents," I have to tell them. I guess it is a matter of realizing what you've got while you've still got it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Pics from the 2009-2010 Season in No Particular order

Chaney and Merlin, Myself, Raul, and a few Arkansas Falconers

First Double with the Gyr and Hybrid

Kestrel and stripe headed Starling.

First of many Sextuple+ days

Hybrid and his first Canvasback

Passage Prairie trapped while looking for passage Peregrines.

Eyas Cooper's Hawk

Imprint Coop, unfortunately he died unexpectantly a few days later

Hybrid with one of his first few ducks

Katie with passage Prairie from above just before releasing it.

Hybrid with first Drake Mallard

Kestrel action shot

Good day in Norman

Gyr's first duck

Falcons weathering the last day of the season

Hybrid's second duck, a hen Mallard

Harlan's Hawk that was trapped and released

Daniel and Jonathan with they newly trapped Red-Tails.  Both went on to be great game hawks.

Very light Red-tail that was trapped and released

Successful day of getting new and second year apprentices their birds.

Mi Amigo Raul in the Gloss Mountains on the way to the NAFA meet.

Getting ready to fly my Hybrid at NAFA

Hybrid mounting

Mitch Wishon and his Goshawk

Francine Forrester and her Harris' Hawk

Woodward restaurant and wind blown falconers.

Raul enjoying the wildlife

Jason Childress and his Hybrid

Jason, Raul, and several international falconers after a successful flight

Merlin Stooping

NAFA Meet weathering yard