Saturday, October 26, 2013

Training Days

The count down has begun for the "real" opening day of duck season (we have already had a short teal season but that is about worthless for falconry).  Daniel met up with me at the training field for some kiting and dog training.  As we pulled in there was a couple of Mallards and a handful of Gadwalls on water, good sign for days to come.

Hybrid, Osprey, approaching the lure

Testing the zoom lens of my Cannon T3i with the kite out about 2000'

Bringing it down

Making sure the coast is clear after a buzz by from a Red-Shouldered Hawk and a feral cat jumping out of the grass.

Rehab Prairie Falcon finally progressing well after healing from a broken furcula.  Hopefully his release will be in the near future.

Passing by on his way to the kite.

Jake, the German Shorthair, and V both a little startled by the flushing pigeon.

Daniel and Jake with a solid point

Nice hold on the flush

Rangle got in on the action as well, locking up on a couple of dizzied pigeons.

Pigeon/Dog stand off.

V proud of her first attempt at dizzying a pigeon

V and R giving the pigeon a pet before waking it up to fly home.

A good day of training, with the promise of an exciting hunting season just around the corner.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trailer Project #6

Lens a little foggy from the rainy day, but here is the back of the trailer.

Sides now have insulation.

Interior stained, cabinets done, and electrical ran.

Bought pergo flooring on clearance to use on the floor of the trailer.  Only $10.

The inside of the trailer is basically done.  Now it's time to move on to the outside.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Trailer Project #5

Headliner is in.

Interior view the headliner.

View from front to back of cabinets and bulkhead.

View from back (under the cabinets) to the front.

The interior of the trailer is nearly done.  Just some finishing work left to do.

Falconry has officially started for me as well.  Hybrid went 150' feet to the kite today and looked really strong.  Onward and upward from here.....