Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dog Transmitter From an Old Marshall RT

I have several old Marshall  RT transmitters lying around not being used.  Transmitters seem to be like computers in that they are outdated as soon as you use it the first time.  There is nothing wrong with the older Marshall RT's, however they do not have the power of the newer RT+ or Powermax, no magnetic on/off switch, and they have a very long antenna compared to newer models.  Rather than have these collecting dust I decided to make a pouch that goes on my dog's collar so I can at least use these to track my dog when I hit the grouse fields next month.

Lulu above sporting her new tracking device on the side of her SportDog e-collar. (click pictures to enlarge)

No set pattern was used, just made some rough measurements and cut out the parts I thought I would need.  I didn't post the measurements because they will change depending on the transmitter used and the collar that you would put it on.  

A couple of pieces of self stick velcro to keep the transmitter in the pouch.

The picture above is the basic shape with the transmitter inside.

Using a leather stitcher I sewed the velco, sides, and collar loop together.

Not the most pretty stitch job but I'm looking for function more than form in this case.  If I wanted more even stitches I could have used a stitch marker.

Only need to stitch down the top flap's velcro.

Open finished product.

Closed, everything fits snugly inside.

On the collar and ready to go.  



Lauren McGough said...

What an excellent idea!

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