Friday, September 17, 2010

Excuses Excuses

I'm not off to the season opener that I hoped I would have this year.  Mostly due to work commitments that have popped up.  I have gotten my hybrid kiting and going easily up past the 1000' mark to the kite, but not daily because lately I've had work early in the mornings and we are still pulling temps in the 90's by afternoon.  So I will not be able to get serious until mid October now due to the fact that we have gotten contracted to fly Bald Eagles for a BBC documentary about migration in front of United States landmarks.  So I will be spending time on the road in the coming weeks doing that.  Good opportunity but bad timing for a falconry.  Below is a video of a training session with my assistant calling, BENSAR, one of the eagles flying on creance.  He's ready to fly free and will be doing so in the coming days.

On another note my apprentice and I trapped his second Red-tail of his apprenticeship.  She's an average sized female, with sharp talons, and a nasty disposition.  Should be killing squirrels, bunnies and who knows what else knowing Daniel in the coming weeks.  His last Redtail was a well trained hunting machine and I wouldnt expect anything less with this bird.  You can follow his progress by clicking here:  Daniel's Blog

Daniel and "Peaches"

Oh, I almost forgot, my family picked up another companion the other day.  A 2 year old Hungarian Vizsla, named Bella.  She was bought by a guy for his son to train on birds.  His son being a teenager didn't teach the dog a darn thing.  Nothing.  Not even the most basic 'come" command.  So she was a blank slate when we got her.  Mostly she was great with the kids and that is why she came home with us.  Turns out though that she is really birdy and honors points well.  She now comes when called and we're progressing with her other training quickly.  She's definitely become one of the family and it looks like I got another hunting partner too.  

Sorry for the crummy quality, cell phone pics.