Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Regs

Last week the public hearings were held for the new falconry regulations in Oklahoma.  Over three days, in multiple locations around the state, public comments were recorded.  Fortunately, I have heard that there were only positive comments and this step of getting the new regulations is complete.

Next up is a bill being introduced to remove the non-resident falconry permit that Oklahoma currently requires for out-of-state falconers to hawk here.  House Bill 1691 has been authored by Rep. Sears and co-authored by Rep. Hickman and will change this law if passed.  There appears to be little opposition to this, largely due to the fact that only a couple of other states still require something other than an non-resident hunting license to practice falconry there.  That's all for now that I am aware of on the new regs front.

New Falconry Regulations are still on track for January 1, 2010


steveo_uk said...

Do we know when this bill will be presented before the house

Ryan said...

We don't really know. I was just told by the head of our reg committee that it will be heard when the chairman decides it will be heard. Hopefully soon....