Friday, August 20, 2010

Lack of Coops Updates.

I haven't updated about the Coops in a while and that is because there is little to update.  I had two weeks of a crazy busy schedule that I was not expecting for work and then I had a little mishap with my ankle.  Rolled it in a softball game resulting in torn tendons between my ankle and my foot.  Now I get to wear this awesome boot and walking fields is out for a bit.

She has taken baggies and still has pretty good manners around her prey so hopefully that will continue.  I'm planning on pulling my Hybrid from the chamber this weekend and start gearing up for the upcoming season.  This is a couple of weeks earlier than I was planning but there may be a couple of grouse hunting opportunities in early October so I gotta get this bird moving.  I'm planning on getting the Gyrkin going around mid September and this was when I originally wanted to put up the Coop until the longwing season winds down, but I may have to rethink that plan.  It really all comes down to whether or not I'll need surgery on my ankle.

On a lighter note.  Last year I taught my apprentice how to make paracord equipment and of course he ran with that idea and came up with a pretty slick new way of creating jesses and extenders.  Pretty nice looking stuff in my opinion.  *Looks a lot better when you click on it to see the larger image.*


steveo_uk said...

Daniel did a pretty good job. I want to change the type of pliers i use as the chord get fraid

Golden Goat said...

I have a question. Can you email me?