Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years (Tonight!!!!)

Not much of an update. The day after the last one, she really got after eating. She is still super high though, so I only gave her 20 or so grams. She has then gone, and only lost ten grams since then (two days!)......LAME huh! She is not motivated enough to hop, so she has just been weathering a lot. Ryan re-taught me the fine art of hooding, and we are now having zero issues. In fact, if she keeps doing well like she has been, she may end up being the best hooding bird I've had yet! That's pretty much a 180 from where we were, considering I was to the point of wondering if hooding was even worth it with this bird. On another note, we also got her backpacked last night. Obviously, it would have been best to get it on her right off the trap, but I hadn't gotten my backpack refill by that point, so we will just have to see how this works out. She hasn't messed with the backpack at all, but she has been messing with the transmitter some. Right when I put her out this morning to weather, she promptly removed it, and I found it laying on the ground. This is the problem.....I use a micro merlin transmitter, which is sized for the small back pack. Being that I used one of the "normal" sized ones, it may not be in there as tight as one usually is. This, of course, is going to be an issue, and one that I will have to make a decision about pretty much today. I can't let her form the habbit of taking the transmitter off, because then she will mess with it all the time.. It sucks though, because that's one of the main things I like about this setup....I normally just leave the transmitter on (because it has the magnet on/off), and only have to mess with it when I'm changing batteries. I am super forgetful, and if I had to take it off between sessions, I would end up forgetting it most of the time.....It is what it is though, and we will see how it works out. We are getting a cold front tonight, so hopefully it will speed up the rest of this process
Happy New Years Everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the cold front will help out with the lack of weight loss... Glad to hear hooding is going well though. I am curious to what the finer points of hooding may be...I've never relied on a hood much with any of my birds. Maybe Ryan would be willing to write a post on it?

steveo_uk said...

Yeah i would be interested in that too. How about a video ?