Monday, February 2, 2009

New Bird

Here is a pic of the new bird.  He's another Gyr/Peregrine Hybrid, but this is Gyr/Anatum cross, whereas the last one was a Gyr/Peales.  The only real difference between the two so far is size. This bird is flying to the lure at around 700 grams, compared to the 770 grams of my last hybrid.  I'm excited to get this bird flying.  His mother is a wild take eyas from Wyoming taken a couple of years ago.  So this bird is 1/2 first generation captive bred.  Doubtful that this will make any difference at all, but it is interesting to me that a good portion of this bird's genes still come from survival of the fittest.

Just a little bonus picture of me and Raul's cast of Aplomado Falcons from a few months ago.

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steveo_uk said...

Glad you got your new bird, cant wait to here of your endeavors with it