Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*New Reg Update*

Dave, our regulation liaison with the state, has just reported this:

"Our bill (dropping the non-resident falconry permit) was presented to the house wildlife comm. yesterday.  It passed by an 11-0 vote.  Mr. Hatcher and Peoples were there to answer any questions the legislatures may have had.  There were no questions.  The bill will now go before the entire house for a vote.  That should happen next week.  Senator Ford will then present the bill to the senate wildlife comm.  The bill should be law 10 days after this session closes.  That means sometime in May.  I thought it was interesting that the National and state chapters of the Humane Society were at the committee hearing yesterday.  They were there to object to the proposed bear season.  They did not comment on our falconry bill.  It seems they have bigger fish to fry.  That seems to have worked in our favor throughout this process.  The bear season also passed by an 11-0 vote."

Still on track for January 1st, 2010 and things are looking good for the 2009 NAFA Meet as well.

*update* 2-17-09  
HB 1691 passed the full house this afternoon by a vote of 99 to 0.  It now goes to the senate wildlife committee.  It wil not be heard there for a few weeks.


Albert A Rasch said...


Another example of how sportsmen need to stick together, need to stay informed, and need to work together.

It appears that both bills were soundly deliberated upon and voted in the appropriate manner.

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steveo_uk said...

That's pretty awesome my sponsor will be pleased as hes just over the board in Denison Texas from me