Thursday, February 18, 2010

:) :)

I had a little time between work and a meeting that I had to be at, so I met up with my apprentice, Daniel, and we put it to 'em.  


Isaac said...

You just had to "one up" Jeff's 7 didn't you. :-) Awesome.

Chris Kimble said...

Ryan, you know Ryan C's record was 8 with his male last year, and he is almost done with the molt and ready to get back in the better step it up a notch ; )

Seriously though, Im really impressed with how well you've done with her, especially for a late taken passage bird.

Really sorry to hear about your dog. I hope the rest of your season with the kestrel is fun!

Give me a shout!

Ryan said...

Believe it or not she actually had 10, but 2 fought her off as Daniel or I ran over to help. That is the first time that has happened. Still pretty fun though when the starlings are popping. My plan is to catch 100 and then turn her loose and give an imprint coop another shot. We'll just have to see though. I'll be in OKC a bunch in March if ya wanna stop down that way and we can chase some gremlins.

Matt Mullenix said...


Jam-up peformance with your kestrel there! 8 was the most any of mine took in a hunt. I know you've got to be hitting on all cylinders to get there.