Thursday, February 18, 2010

"But Petey Didn't Have a Head, Lloyd!"

Caught 4 more Starlings yesterday bringing our total up to 40.  Just to brag on her a little bit, she caught her first one on January 26th. On the final catch of the day today, she slipped about 40 feet before the small murmuration of starlings that were milling about near the street.  They saw her coming and took off to the right.  One however decided he wouldn't be a follower and flushed to the left where there was a wall.  The starling swerved to miss he wall and was snatched out of he air about 3' off the ground with a swoop to the left by Gizmo.  Awesome flight which of course was not caught on video.  

This little bird on starlings is like Ash Williams on Deadites (we'll see who gets that reference,  hmm maybe a good name for the next bird I fly on Starlings)!    On the way home from work yesterday she must have been feeling pretty comfortable, because her head fell off, I mean she fell asleep and had her head tucked under her wing while riding home on my fist.  She must have been feeling pretty comfortable.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of starlings. I hope I can start catching like that soon.