Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Boy Elmo!

Elmo did well today. We tested the live lure, and he only hesitated for a few seconds before he went. I let him eat on it for a little bit, and then we had a PERFECT trade off to the lure. Hopped to to the fist after that, and we called it a perfect session :-)
He is not going to be at weight tomorrow, but I plan on flying him to the kite for the first time on Friday (Still on the creance though.....). Good times, good times!


Madison said...

Wow, I just stumbled across your blog looking for answers to falconry questions... awesome job! Elmo is a beautiful bird!! I've been dealing with some issues with mice control, and looking to attract owls or some other bird of prey to my home... I might have to get a raptor similar to yours after these amazing pictures (love the one of him with your son!!) I'll definitely stop by to read your progress with Elmo:)

Dan said...

I'll tell Elmo you think so! Putting up nest boxes for owls is a great idea! They are beautiful birds, and would be a pleasure to have around the home. That being said, getting a bird for the purpose of pest control def wouldn't be falconry, nor would it be the most efficient way to take care of those mice anyways. I recommend the regular old wooden pop traps. They arn't fancy, but they work like a charm......