Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oklahoma Peregrine Take

Peregrine take regulations should be posted on the Wildlife Department's website. It can be found under Hunting, then Seasons and other Information, then Peregrine. The procedure for trapping should work as OFA had hoped. That is general and master falconers may trap. There will be a number to call to be certain the season is open. The season is open from September 20 until October 20th or until the first 2 birds are trapped. Rod Smith (ODWC Falconry Coordinator) has the bands and I am not sure how that part will be handled. Rod wants to take a wait and see approach as far as how to handle the season in subsequent years. Nonresident trapping in Oklahoma is under statute. The statute reads "Nonresident general and master falconers will be allowed to take legal raptors in Oklahoma provided that their state of residence reciprocates such approval for Oklahoma residents." Rod interprets this to mean that if an Oklahoma falconer may trap a Peregrine in another state (i.e. Texas), than a Texas falconer may trap a Peregrine in Oklahoma. Theoretically, both of the available birds may be trapped by nonresidents, unless we seek a legislative change.

The regulation changes are progressing along. The department has made their official request to
USFWS for the changes. USFWS now needs to accept ODWC regulations. Once that is done the USFWS will publish a comment in the public register. If all goes as planned we will have new regs Jan. 1.

The Peregrine take issue hit a major roadblock a few weeks ago. Rod Smith, Alan Peoples, Steve
Sherrod, and David Riggs (Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commissioner for NE Oklahoma) all deserve a big thank you for making this happen. Without the work of these folks this take would not have happened in 2009. As all of you know this process started over 20 years ago, and many people worked hard to make this happen. Hopefully, we will see a passage Peregrine on an Okie Falconers fist this season!

*Note- this and all other posted regulation information in blue text is from Dave Eslicker who has worked hard on our Oklahoma falconry regulations, Peregrine take, and on the NAFA TAC committee* -Ryan

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