Monday, September 14, 2009

Oklahoma weather is being its usual self this year. We had temperatures in the low 50's for a week, prime early season falcon training weather, then back to the upper 70's in the morning, then rain every other day, etc. I've got both falcons flying now, although I am not pushing the Gyr to hard, as it is still far to hot to fly him seriously yet. Teal season opened here a couple of days ago and I did have one flight on them with my young Hybrid that resulted in a Teal with a couple of secondaries missing but survived to fly off another day. Good experience for a young falcon and at least I know he will try for ducks, small ones anyway. But, again it is still to warm to seriously be hunting, so most of their time in the air revolves around flying to the kite.

The dot in the upper middle of the screen is the kite at about 1200 feet. My Hybrid is in that picture as well but it is a little hard to see up that high.

Here the falcon has grabbed the bait which is connected to a quick release near the kite. The release pops loose when the falcon grabs hold of the bait and both slide down the line to the ground.

Hybrid Gyr/Peregrine back to earth with bait in hand, although still breathing pretty hard. And that is how the majority of my mornings will go until the temperature decides to finally drop and stay down.


steveo_uk said...

Thats awseome you have got going finally

Pete said...

interesting stuff Ryan...looking forward to more training stories and better picture resolution of aerial flights perhaps or videos even...