Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trapapolooza '09

Trapping season 2009 opened on September 15th here in Oklahoma. On September 16th, Myself, my apprentice Daniel, and friend Jonathan made the trip out to western Oklahoma to do some trapping with Chris Kimble and others from that area. After a slow start, Things really began to pick up. Not 2 minutes off the Highway we trapped the first bird. The vehicle in front of us threw the trap and the hawk came down so fast she slipped in between the cars to hit the trap and get hooked. We proceeded to trap 5 more birds, for 6 in total, 4 females and 2 males, with one female in particular being 49 ozs and having very interesting markings on her tail. Among the group where 4 apprentices, three of which went home happy with their choice of birds and the other decided to hold off as he was looking for a bird that was a bit smaller. By far the best second day of trapping season that I have ever had! Thanks to Chris for orchestrating such a great time trapping.


Chris and myself inspecting a newly trapped bird.

My apprentice Daniel with his first falconry bird and Jonathan Coleman with his newest.

The trapping party.
Lower left to right: Jonathan Coleman, Daniel Murray, Scott White
Upper left to right: Myself, John Dominguez (Chris' pre-apprentice holding a bird we released), Chris Kimble, Walt Ginn

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