Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 for 2 in 2012!

I have been told I can't judge pitch worth crap......it is what it is, so I'm just going to stop trying :-). ANYWAYS......

we have had a good last few days. She knocked a ring neck back into a pond on Saturday, and then remounted SUPER nicely. I was able to move the rest of the ducks that hadn't flushed initially, and she came down and just barely missed one. Saturday I went hawking with my dad, and she went up pretty darn high again! She came down and did a power bind to a ringneck, and I was a pretty happy camper the rest of the night. Headed up to Bartlesville to watch some of my buddies fly on Monday, and then ended up hanging out most of the day. Ryan and I put the prairie up around four, and she went up high again. Unfortunately, she drifted off way down wind (and out of position), so she didn't have a chance on them. She tail chased for probably a half a mile or so into the wind, but eventually broke off and came back. Flew her again around five, and though she didn't go near as high that time, she had great position, and we ended up catching our first gadwall. I ended up feeding her 150 grams since I knew the wind was going to be a bummer today, so hopefully she will make it back to weight by tomorrow. That gadwall was the first duck we have caught that I could eat, and it was home, grilled, and in my stomach, all within 3 hours of being caught. It was my first time to cook duck, and it turned out delicious! Good times my friends, good times!